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delivering a seamless flow of any occasion, and leaving remarkable experience.

Hello, I am Aldrian

I am your friendly Wedding and Events Specialist. While I am happy for you, our lovely hosts, to be in the spotlight, I am pleased to be on the sideline to oversee the details and allow you to enjoy and to take in every precious second of that particular moment. Clipboard Perfect Happenings features a wedding planning process that streamlines all aspects of the preparation from conceptualisation to realisation so you can use your time and energy in planning your future and the things that genuinely matter.

We look after your first day together as you look after each other forever.

I am an enthusiastic, passionate, innovative Event Planner with a perfect record of event planning combined with discerning experience in designing, arranging and coordinating every detail of various types of events such as weddings and social events. I am a dedicated learner and currently working on a pathway towards a Master’s in Creative Events Management.

If you have an upcoming wedding or event that you would like help with, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to get in contact for an obligation free chat.

“I am so very happy I met you Mr “Perfect”. Thanks for being part of our most memorable day. My family misses working with you.”


“Just a note of thanks for all your kindness. We are so blessed to have you. We don’t know how to reciprocate the good things that you did while we were preparing our wedding. We’re so thankful that you were there to organise things and made our special day truly a wonderful occasion with full of beautiful memories worth cherishing until we get old.”

Jenny and Jojo

“We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for your support and hard work. It is very much appreciated. You are such a wonderful coordinator on our wedding. We will never forget that day. Such an amazing day. Keep up the great skill you got. Everyone was impressed. Awesome job! Real perfection!”

Joie and Tristan

“A big thanks to you and your staff. Jeff was so impressed on how you did your job and he keeps on telling me about it on the wedding day and even after. His family were amazed too on how the event turned out. Guests were all happy and I received many good comments. ”